Private Label

  • call to get your vendor code or send us a email with all your business information,shipping address and phone number to
  • If you are looking for samples. Please purchase on our store
  • One of a kind exclusive formula’s

We no longer offer samples. So purchase here on this site the product you wish to test.

We also have wholesale cases on the site for sale at a 30% discount.

Including tax is a 43% off with tax in.

Choose any current product we manufacture and put your name on it.

Create and design your own label and send it to us or we can add your name to our current label.

A great way to build your own brand.

We have label printers here and can print in house.

We do not do custom formulations

If you want your own packaging send it too us.

Labels are printed here on a thermal printer.  Water resistant.

Professional Labels are sent out at 150 per 100 for 2×4 inch label and under.

Labels up to 4×6 are 180.00 per 100


Contract Manufacturing

bottles-on-line  Label rules from Government of Canada …………… see below..Hand Cream

Contract/ Custom Eco-Manufacturing is best for businesses that have several outlets and/ or want to have their own unique brand in regional, national or international distribution.

Customize starting bases from any of our stock formulations, or start completely from scratch – we can make your vision for your market.

Custom formulations of any personal care products – as long as it is sustainable, natural, organic, biodegradable and/or fair trade as we choose these ingredients and also grow our own.

Label graphic and eco-printing services available. a$120 set up per. label.

International unique bar codes service upon request.

Minimum order is 100 Units

Labels printed here are 120 per 100 up to 2×4 size

Over 2×4 are 140 per.100 labels

So if it is soaps for example it is 100 of each scent. taxes and shipping.

Contact us please  if you have other questions.

Please keep in mind our basic packaging keeps cost low.

We focus on quality ingredients and biodegradable packaging and labels.

Some of you buy in bulk and want unlabeled products.They are in the bulk product category. You must follow Ontario government rules below.

  1. We Recommend you do not mislead anyone by saying you made a product you did not.  Fines are up to 10 thousand per incident charged by the Commissioner means the Commissioner of Competition appointed under the Competition Act; (commissionaire)
  2. We Recommend Made in Canada with our postal code (L4M 4Y8) and your business address or website. (C) in below photo.
  3. Labels must have French and English on them. (A) in below photo
  4. Labels must have net volume quantity (B) in below photo

Please read below and we hope this helps you and remember we also offer labels.

  • A-Product Identity Declaration – In French and English
  • B-Net Quantity Declaration
  • Hand CreamC-Dealer Name and Place of Business

Net quantity representations

Subsections 7(2)(a), 7(3) Act Sections 38, 39(4), Schedule I Regulations

Any representation which gives the impression that a package contains more product than is actually contained in it may be a violation of this section.

  • Misleading Pictorial Representations
    For example, a package that is correctly labelled as containing 4 plastic place mats that also has a picture of a table setting with 6 plastic place mats may, without further qualification, be in violation of the Act.
  • Qualifying Statements
    Any representations which may reasonably be regarded as qualifying the net quantity of a product, for example “Family sized litre”, may be in violation of the Act.
  • Incorrect Net Quantity Declaration
    The actual contents of packages must not be less, on average, than the declared net quantity. In addition, only a limited number of packages are allowed to contain less than declared quantity by more than the prescribed tolerance which is set out in Schedule I of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations. Detailed information on the accuracy requirements for net quantity determination is available from the Competition Bureau, Industry Canada.

Offences and Punishment

Marginal note:Contraventions of sections 4 to 9
  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2.1), every dealer who contravenes any of sections 4 to 9 is guilty of an offence and liable

    • (a) on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding $5,000; or

    • (b) on conviction on indictment, to a fine not exceeding $10,000.

  • Marginal note:Contravention of other provisions or regulations


Marginal note:Definitions
  •  (1) In this Act,

    advertise means make any representation to the public by any means whatever, other than a label, for the purpose of promoting directly or indirectly the sale of a product; (publicité ou annonce)

    Version anglaise seulement

    apply means, in respect of a label, to attach to, imprint on, include in or cause to accompany in any other way a product; (Version anglaise seulement)

    Commissioner means the Commissioner of Competition appointed under the Competition Act; (commissaire)

    container means a receptacle, package, wrapper or confining band in which a product is offered for sale but does not include package liners or shipping containers or any outer wrapping or box that is not customarily displayed to the consumer; (contenant)

    dealer means a person who is a retailer, manufacturer, processor or producer of a product, or a person who is engaged in the business of importing, packing or selling any product; (fournisseur)

    inspector means any person designated as an inspector

    Version anglaise seulement

    label means any label, mark, sign, device, imprint, stamp, brand, ticket or tag; (Version anglaise seulement)

    Minister means the Minister of Industry and, for the enforcement of this Act as it relates to food, as defined in section 2 of the Food and Drugs Act, means the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food; (ministre)

    prepackaged product means any product that is packaged in a container in such a manner that it is ordinarily sold to or used or purchased by a consumer without being re-packaged; (produit préemballé)

    Version anglaise seulement

    prescribed means prescribed by the regulations; (Version anglaise seulement)

    product means any article that is or may be the subject of trade or commerce but does not include land or any interest or right in land; (produit)

    sell includes

    • (a) offer for sale, expose for sale and have in possession for sale, and

    • (b) display in such manner as to lead to a reasonable belief that the substance or product so displayed is intended for sale. (vendre)

  • Marginal note:Functions of Commissioner

    (2) The functions of the Minister of Industry in relation to the administration of this Act except subsection 11(1), and in relation to the enforcement of this Act except as it relates to food, as that term is defined in section 2 of the Food and Drugs Act, may be exercised by the Commissioner on behalf of that Minister.

  • R.S., 1985, c. C-38, s. 2;
  •  1992, c. 1, s. 145(F);
  •  1995, c. 1, ss. 62, 63;
  •  1997, c. 6, s. 40;
  •  1999, c. 2, s. 44;
  •  2011, c. 21, s. 119.

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