paraben deoderant   THIS IS WHY WE MADE OUR DEODORANT.IMG_0055

last up to 6 month and works amazing. feels dry and all natural. Feels light and works. No staining on clothes and dry . Nice..Your going to love it.

Large size 3.5 oz 105g

Organic Deodorant

Parabens are formaldehyde based preservatives that commercial packaged companies use as they are very cheap and effective. They keep the mold out of your skin cream. Preservative is necessary but a organic eco-certified preservative cost up to 20 times more than the paraben based preservative.

At my company Organic body shop factory I only use the one that cost 20 times more. So we use eco-certified ingredients and no parabens as the preservative we use in our creams is organic naturally derived and safe for humans and the environment so you pay a little more but you know we have done the research and put paraben free products on our label. Feel Fresh -Head to Toe

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