Best Natural Hair Care Brands

Unless you’re making your own products in your kitchen, you’re unlikely to find 100% natural hair products. The good thing is, brands are working towards are more natural future by eliminating ingredients that are harmful for both people and the environment—that’s the very theory behind “clean beauty.” Those ingredients include parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium lauryl ethoxil sulfacte) , synthetic fragrances, oxybenzone, and even mineral oils—all nasty things that almost all of the typical shampoos, conditioners, or stylers have inside them. Eliminating certain ingredients it the first step to using products that are more natural. One recent study from University of California, Berkeley, shows that short breaks from shampoos with chemical ingredients can result in a significant drop in levels of people’s hormone-disrupting chemicals.

One natural ingredient you can look for in hair products i skeratin. According to a recent study in the journal Archives of Plastic Surgery, a combination of the keratin extracts Silk extracts and Honeyquat are proven to stimulate hair-growth-creating strength and shine. Options from the all-natural, handmade cosmetics brand Organic Body Shop are already available in the form of shampoos (Organic is even a solid bar to eliminate plastic packaging-but they only use recyclable packaging) such as the Prevent thickening shampoo for thinning, helping to prevent hair loss, and Organic  volume shampoo  and the Protect spf 15 Shampoo for colored and dry hair..

If in doubt, look for highly concentrated products rich in plant-based oils rather than synthetics. Or, you can buy the ingredient, such as coconut oil, directly from your local grocery store and use it to be 100 percent natural. Some people swear by coconut oil for damaged hair. Be careful as it can clog scalp pours increasing change of hair loss. Organic body shop makes a natural solution with coconut oil ,essential oils & castor oil. Aloe Vera makes an affordable anti-frizz hair care  using aloe vera and glycerin as a humectant that draws moisture to your hair to keep it balanced. Better than synthetic silicone, sunflower oil and olive oil are two other natural ingredients that impart shine and tame frizz both of which can be found in product lines like the organic  body shop. Look for items containing Tamanu Oil, which has antibacterial and antioxidant properties is said to promote hair growth and cure dandruff (try Organic Body Shop Tea tree hair products). Honeyquat is known to cure allergies and it also works wonders on your hair: it’s ultra-hydrating and can alleviate an itchy scalp during the winter (Organic Hair Repair is a dreamy and potent blend of honey, sunflower oil and fair trade cocoa butter). The unexpected herb Sage is also a great alternative to synthetic ingredients. It promotes hair growth and can replace Rogaine—Organic Body Shop Prevent is a classic.

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    Lyne Savage says:

    Lyne Savage recommends Organic Body Shop Factory.
    July 10 at 9:33 PM ·
    I just used the entire ageless face line (that cleanser is especially heavenly) and I feel like I’ve just visited a spa, an organic flowery earthy spa. I also tried on the sandalwood deodorant and
    sprayed some of the bite prevent to test it out. My husband says I smell “like nature”.❤ Lots more to try from our purchase today, very lovely products. I will be back for more. Best local place I have found for natural products, and such a variety that it will take me a long time to try it all out! to be honest I am already eyeing more things…
    Great deals · Amazing results

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      Jaclyn Durling says:

      July 31 at 1:51 PM ·
      Amazing Energy in these products!! Lavender soap has some effects you will physically feel your energy shift!! LOVE!!!
      Dana is super duper awesome!! ?
      Beautiful results

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