Choosing the Body Skin Care for You

The best all-over body lotions and creams feel light, silky and greaseless.
More intense creams and ointments for severely dry skin (such as cracked heels) may feel greasier due to their higher beeswax, or essential oil  content, but are still easy to spread and shouldn’t feel sticky.
How dry is your skin? If your skin isn’t very dry, all you need is a good everyday body lotion or cream (see our Body Lotion section for the top picks). If your skin is really parched, or for severe problem areas such as cracked heels, you’ll need a more heavy-duty cream or ointment (see our section on Lotions for Very Dry Skin).
The market has many natiral remedy products and antifungal salves.
7 Ingredients That Make Your Body Lotion a Moisturizing Machine
  • Peptides. (found in emulsifying waxes) Peptides are amino acids that help your skin produce collagen and tell it how to function properly..
  • Sodium PCA found in  Sea Salts and essential oil  bath bombs
  • Essential fatty acids. Essential Oil Lotions and Body Wash
  • Glycerin. .
  • Vitamin E. …
  • Various antioxidants.

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