Body Treatment

Human skin is continuously exposed to internal and external influences that may alter its condition and functioning. As a consequence, the skin may undergo alterations leading to photo aging, inflammation, immune dysfunction, imbalanced epidermal homeostasis, or other skin disorders.

As we age, the skin is less capable of maintaining moisture, and age-related loss of moisture can cause more dryness over time,” explains Dr. Hellman, who suggests moisturizing more frequently as you get older to help offset the damage.

There are a variety of factors that play into one’s skin type, so the precise cause of one person’s dry skin may be different from someone else’s. “Some people have blue eyes and some people have brown eyes. Different people [have different] skin,”

Some of the factors that come into play for parched skin are hereditary and due largely to genetics.

We recommend one of the 3 organic skin lotion’s. the base lotion and body wash come in many pure essential oil aroma’s. That are range from unscented , peony,lilac,sandalwood,lavender and about 10 more so we are starting here with lemon blast body care.

Made in Canada

with a variety of essential oil blends-no chemicals here.

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