Clean Beauty Challenge-Organic Skincare

If you use mainstream beauty products filled with chemical ingredients, the following statements will likely give you pause: 60 per cent of products applied topically are absorbed into the bodythe average woman eats seven pounds of lipstick in her lifetimewe apply approximately 168 different chemicals to our bodies every day.

No doubt those numbers will have most people do a clean sweep of their beauty cabinet and replace everything with natural products. But experts caution that natural beauty products are not as natural — or beneficial — as some would have you believe.

If you want no synthetic and no petro free lip care. We have a range of food grade lip balms, tinted lip balms and Lipsticks that are natural and made of ingredients that are safe and clinically proven. to be effective in restoring lip moisture and adding color.

Try the challenge of getting one item into your skin care routine to see if you can feel and notice a difference with $5.00off use Welcome5 on checkout to try  chemical free bath and body products

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