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What’s the difference between Essential Oils (EO’s) & Fragrance Oils (FO’s)?


Essential oils are extracted directly from a plant, usually steam distilled from the leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, tops or fruits of the plant. Like the ones sold at

Perfume or fragrance oils are made in a lab and are either fully synthetic or a combination of synthetic and essential oils.

Currently I only carry 2 all natural certified 100% pure essential oils as listed on our website for sale. Essential oils made in Canada
Because there are so many scents that you cannot extract from a plant and they just smell so good, We make our own here for use in products tat are tested and safe with no added synthetics .

It is impossible to extract scent from a marshmallow or bubblegum, but these are some of the best sellers. Why? Because they smell amazingly good and when you smell something good, you like it and feel happy. So we use some essential oil blends to simulate a artificial scent but we make sure it is only in our products and not for resale. Only our natural essential oils are for resale. Check out pricing at Organic Body Shop .ca

Please ask and Check when you buy fragrance oils purchased from other companies are:

1. DEP Phthalate Free
2. Gluten Free
3. Vegan
4. Cruelty Free
5. Paraben Free
6. Alcohol Free
7. Always Fresh

Organic Body Shop Factory make the fresh scented fragrance oils from the blueberry oil or from dried herbs if they are not a canadian grown plant.

We use these oils in our products and do not resell at this time. We do sell our  cinnamon essential oil made from Cinnamon Sticks. And it smells amazing…try it only $17.00 30ml (double the size sold at health stores) and NO ADDED TAX on any of our products.
Put a few drops in your tea-light oil burner (with water)
Put a few drops in your electric tart warmer
Put a few drops on your cloth car floor mats or place a scented cotton ball under your car seats
Add a few drops to a warm bath
Make your own candles, tarts and bath & body products
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