Tottenham Bluegrass Festival and Organic Body Shop June 16th-18th 2017

Organic Body Shop Factory Is excited to announce we will be selling products at the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival in  June 16-18 2017

Open to all and Camping .. live music..Looks fun! But we will be working so come say Hi..

Love to see you .Lots of sales on all products and bundles of gift deals..

New launched include Organic Outdoor Citronella Spray.

New Neem salve for skin conditions like eczema

New Hemp Salve help remove Plaque psoriasis scabs naturally

New Ouch spray for helping with arthritis and swollen joints.

SPF 15 Organic Lotion

Travel Kits include

Deodorant.Soap Bar.Shampoo.Lotion.Body Wash.

Click here for their website

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