New Farm Fresh Bath, Beauty & Natural Remedies. All Canadian and Tax Free

New Farm Fresh Bath, Beauty & Natural Remedies.

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What is organic skin and hair care and do you care?
Products that are organic have no chemicals that are not naturally derived. Scented only with pure essential oils -usually made here at our factory.
Here is some history. We wanted to go back to our founder’s (Dana Panos) childhood experience-growing up on a farm around Handover Ontario.
Things have really been moving here at Organic Body Shop Factory and were so happy to share our news. After moving to our new Barrie Ontario, commercial location with a 5 acre farm in 2015, we started to grow our herbs and flowers for oil extracts to use in our over 400 Bath Beauty and Remedy health products,
 The hard working team grows organic plants so we could be a proud part of the Ontario farmers association who recognize Organic Body Shop as herb and flower growers. Not a easy task as they inspect the land and plants for approval.
The team of ladies consist of (Dana) as a chemist and 4 other girls who have various education in herbalist ,native medicine and other critical skills to be recognized as organic through Canada’s pro cert, program that allows us all the use of the organic logo’s on all products.
All products are bio-degradable-sulfate free-chemical free-organically preserved to allow a 2 years shelf life and cruelty free of coarse.
We are also part of GS1 offering bar coding on our products so you can scan them at checkout.
With Christmas around the corner. We did the amazing Muskoka Cranberry line in gift sets. Hope you can call us or email if you are a store or wholesaler to get your discount code. Suggested Retail are below.
Any question we are here to help


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