#Nation Bubble Bath Day

Hi Everyone.

Did you know today June 9th is national Bubble Bath Day!

Sometimes it’s amazing how much we benefit from such little things. Taking a good soak in a hot bath is one of these things. Soaking in hot water is more powerful than you might think.

In fact, there are quite a few definite health benefits to be gained. A good steamy bath has some surprising effects on the human body.

Detox the body.Lower blood pressure. Balance skin PH. Burn as many calories as a walk!

hot baths raise core body temperatures, thereby helping the physiology of people with depression return to normal.

However, not all of us have the time to take a leisurely a.k.a. long-ass bath in the afternoon twice a week. So, for those who don’t have the luxury of setting aside a designated “Hot Bath Hour,” here are some options to create a similar effect:

  • Take a hot shower
  • If you’re at work, fill up a hot water bottle and hold it against your abdomen
  • If you go to the gym in the afternoon, use the steam room and/or sauna
  • Relax in a Jacuzzi

More research is needed to truly understand why hot baths help improve depression. But whatever works, especially if it involves not doing anything other than soaking.

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