Happy Easter from Organic Body Shop Factory-simcoe county

Happy Easter-enjoy our new eucalyptus shower melts!

Hours Easter weekends.

Closed Good Friday

Open Sat 12pm -3pm

Open Monday 3-6

Open Tuesday -Friday 10-6 regular after Easter

Open 24 hours a day online. -click below link.

With Easter comes much celebration.

Easter is steeped in the symbolism of cycle of the sun, which rises in the East, and which in spring fondles the natural world to life.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox occurs on the 21st of March when the length of the day increases until it is equal with the length of the night.

The sun, growing in power, finally overtakes darkness, and this solar rebirth is celebrated in most ancient pagan religions, where agricultural life depended on the growth of spring.

The other symbol of ancient solar superstition was the moon; and even today, Christians still celebrate their version of Easter on the first Sunday on or after the first Full Moon after the March equinox, tying Easter to its historical pagan roots.

Celebration of Christ and enjoyed by all families. As a time to remember the love of god and family. Be kind to each other.

We have our shower melts on sale with a strong eucalyptus aroma for those who need a morning pick me up.

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