Hand Repair -about 50 uses

Open Wednesdays 10-6pm


We are happy to finally be back open on Wednesdays only.

We have curbside pick up and free shipping after $100 on line as most spend that because the products last so long it is a 6-8 month supply on most items. Save money and time with concentrated long lasting products.


Today’s skin care is about tomorrow’s journey. With your skin being your body’s largest organ and the one that absorbs all we put on it and including synthetic ingredients -fragrance oils and perfumes all clinically proven as carcinogens (cancer causing or linked to cancer ingredients). So try our huge selection of products all local made here at Organic Body Shop.

With no vaccine for covid 19 we are being very careful with our small store front. We are open and packing orders all week from 10-6.

Their are some amazing sales on our website. So go online and look. If you do not see what you need -call us we will get your order ready.

Please wear a mask and gloves (any gloves will do)

Good natural skincare made here in Simcoe county.

You can order online and call us with any questions 705-728-8288

Thank you very much for all the support and orders we have.

God Bless


Dana Marie Panos B.SC

Founder and Chemist


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