New open on weekends!


My Believe is Love your hair, body and skin. Today,s challenges are about chemical free products. For a healthier tomorrow for you and the environment. I strive to do this in every product I create.

I want to let you all know I appreciate your supporting us.

I personally make everything at Organic Body shop. With a chemistry background products are full of essential oils and you only need a drop so you get 40-50 applications out of every bottle. I know so many customer love our natural products. Please check online for our sales as well.

Loyalty points are also online and we have free shipping and curbside pick up.

As a chemist and a person with asthma, covid 19 has changed the way we do business. I need time to batch, do the canada post packing for the online sales and so we have decided on 3 days a week.

Please note I need everyone to wear mask please. No exceptions. We have many elderly customers we want to keep safe. All our customers matter to us.

We are getting all our christmas stuff ready for customers.

So starting this Saturday we are going to Open Mon-Friday.

Curbside Pick up & in store. Store open Wednesdays 10-6. Saturdays 11am-4pm. Sundays 1pm-3pm and by appointment.

Free shipping on all orders over $100. Thank you Everyone

Keep Well

Dana Marie Panos B.SC

Organic Chemist

Organic Body Shop

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