Our History

Organic Body Shop Apothecary Founded in 2005 by Dana Marie Panos with a love for beauty and natural ingredients.

 Discovering the benefit to heal and maitain our skin, lifestyle and apprearance with the use of natural multi ingredient products. Education allowed a experience heralist and chemist to create some of the best natural products thar will give noticable results for all you personal care issues. While working in the beauty industry a severe case of painful exzema caused the desire to create natural healing products. Chemical free made with essential oils. She quickly appreciated the need for incredible healing Organic qualities, anti-aging benefits and rich history as a medicinal plants and native plants could be combined to allow different active ingredients to work on and below the skin surface for long lasting results. After many years developing over 400 products we have something for everyone. Our natural cortizone free eczema cream is still a best seller and Organic Body Shop was born!

Fast forward to today and we are still producing that best selling eczema cream and an entire collection of Organic using our key ingredients that range for Face,Body,Pharmacy,Pet and Home. Hundred’s of Organic products to Love.

With concentrated formula’s and products that each drop performs well and last longer.

Our Customers have reported success using our Organic products for all skin and hair conditions and improving their overall lifestyle. We produce our products in small batches using quality natural ingredients. We still grow and harvest some of our plant ingredient we use in our Organic brand.We are pure Canadian brand.And we proudly produce handmade Organic and package our products in Ontario.

We hope you enjoy your products.

Keep Well


Dana Marie Panos B.SC

Founder+ chemist since 2005.