About Us

Organic Apothecary

We believe in natural products ..

Since 2005 we have been creating essential oil products.

organic body shop is a reconized herb and flower farmer.

Growing native plants for essential oil products we make here.

Natural ingredients cost more but buying natural supports farmers.

Made in Ontario.

Chemist crafted formula’s

One of a kind clinically tested products.

We register formulas with Health Canada.

NHP and bar codes

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting local Ontario made products.

We have 100% sustainable natural ingredients.

All ingredients are biodegradable

All packaging is recyclable and reusable.

All Products are very concentrated-so a drop goes a long way.

Small Business Female owned and operated since 2005

We create all our products so order if out of stock as we will make some fresh for you.

our philosophy

Love your hair, body and skin.

Today’s skin care is about tomorrow’s journey. With your skin being your body’s largest organ. We believe it absorbs all we put on it.

We do not use Synthetic ingredients -fragrance oils and perfumes all clinically proven as carcinogens (cancer causing or linked to cancer ingredients).

So please choose our natural products. Very concentrated so a little goes a long way helping you , your family and all your touch.

Better quality of life starting now with our Organic Brand.

Being scented with pure essential oils products are not strong smelling and the oil open up with the warmth of your skin or a warm shower or bath.

When you apply your product. the essential oils warm the scenses but after 30 minutes will dispurse into a faint aroma. Safe for office that want little or no scent.

A message from the founder.

I’m Dana and I want to thank you for stopping by.

Please enjoy the products I have crafted since 2005.

We have great staff and a great community.

We have a medium factory and keep and a stable line of products. We are focused on getting these healthy natural product into every family.

A little bit about my journey. At a young age I took hairdressing as a trade. I also went to college to study chemistry. But hairdressing seemed much more fun and so I enjoyed working and and as a result my hands developed eczema and would bleed and crack.

Eventually I lost my lung lining developing ashtma with sensitivity I had to chemical skin care formula’s so I only use my products and enjoy my health skin and appearace.

In the salon we used professional products but my skin would not heal. It was very painful. The experience stayed with me.

And in 2005 after many years selling beauty products and working in the beauty spa wholesale industries.

I started creating the extensive range of products we have now. Many years of research and formula development have gone into each product.

So I started to research and found I could create a more natural line with professional quality and excellent results.

So I stand behind everything I make. if you dont like it .Let us know and we will find a solution.

Just look at our reviews.We have an amazong family of customers.

I work very hard with my wonderful staff to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

The business has many wonderful repeat customers who are just amazing. So thank you to all of you.

We hope you enjoy your products.

Keep Well


Dana Marie Panos B.SC

Founder+ chemist since 2005.