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CHFA Canadian Health and Food association.

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Products Registered with Health Canada

And NHP natural health product registration organic products are Naturally persevered product for a 2 year shelf life on average. with NHP numbers. Bar coded.

We are reconized for farming our plant ingredients that are native to growing in Canada.

We also support a number of SPCA , Peta, Ladies Auxilery, Shriners, Firefighters, Hospital,Disabled kids and other local organizations through our dontion programs

We believe in honest approch to removing chemical and synthetic ingredients offering Chemical Free Organic Products

Parraben free- we get asked. Yes we are paraben free. Do you know what it is?

Answer – Parabens are a group of chemicals widely used as artificial preservatives in cosmetic and body care products since the 1920s. Lots of comapies use these as a cheap perservative. These are fermeldehyde and synthetic based.

Example. paraben perservatives are fermeldehyde based family like methylparaben, propalparaben, DMDM, and many more are cheap.

We use a organic Rosemary perservative as product have to have some shelf life. We pay as mush as 25x the cost for this one ingredient. It is organic certified ingredient that is worth every dollar so we can continue to offer amazing product in our Organic brand.

Parabens are linked to fertility and cancer issues as per the attached link. Go to other website

Chemical Free Skin Care. We have scientifically created over 400 beauty and skin care products at our Barrie / Oro Medonte country location. 

All natural ingredients .Most oils are farmed here on site and formulas proprietary to our chemist and founder.

Each brand product crafted here at Organic is made with ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients. As a chemist and a herbalist I make products to enhance your experience and take care of your skin. Safe for the whole family.

Like I have said many times . Love the skin you are in. Be kinder to yourself and your environment with Organic.

Thank you to all my amazing customers. I can only stay in business as long as you love my products as much as I do. You support go shopping local and Canadian is why these products are here for sale today.

Enjoy your products!

We are family operated.

Keep well


Dana Marie Panos B.SC

Founder and chemist

Dana in out factory 2020