Fresh Made in Ontario

castor oil salve Description Castor Oil Salve -1oz-29 ml  -Concentrated (about 35 uses)  -packaged in a tin. -Use topical for skin tags,back heads and age spots. -Clinically proven natural remedy. Also leaves skin soft and is a natural anti fungal. Softens skin. Castor oil has many potential topical uses but the most common reasons for […]

Tired of face cream causing irritation? Try our natural Neem Sea Face line.

Hello from Dana at Organic Body Shop, I made these fresh today. As a chemist and a female business owner. Family owned and Local. So order online and experience a truly natural face cream. Using Seaweed and Neem oil for all sensitive skin types. 1 jar last about 60 days (very concentrated). A drop will […]

Best Natural Hair Care Brands

Unless you’re making your own products in your kitchen, you’re unlikely to find 100% natural hair products. The good thing is, brands are working towards are more natural future by eliminating ingredients that are harmful for both people and the environment—that’s the very theory behind “clean beauty.” Those ingredients include parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates SLS (sodium […]

Choosing the Body Skin Care for You

The best all-over body lotions and creams feel light, silky and greaseless. More intense creams and ointments for severely dry skin (such as cracked heels) may feel greasier due to their higher beeswax, or essential oil  content, but are still easy to spread and shouldn’t feel sticky. How dry is your skin? If your skin isn’t very dry, […]

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