• All ingredient are Eco-certified organic
  • We use naturally bio-degradable ingredients.
  • All ingredients are grown by us and processed in our factory are organic 
  • purchased  ingredients are from renewable, sustainable resources that are environmentally friendly
  • all ingredients are cruelty free
  • all ingredients are not tested on animals
  • all ingredients if not produced by us are cosmetic grade
  • Most ingredients are vegan(except beeswax salve and goat milk body line)
  • All products are Sulfate Free
  • our honey extract and beeswax is a certified cosmetic ingredient recognized by the FDA and in not harmful to bees or their habitat
  • All ingredients are hand picked by our staff organic chemist and formula Production specialist
  • No added chemicals

all colors are recognized by FDA and health Canada as safe for topical use.

(Like the food coloring you eat daily in many of your meats and sauces).

Ingredient list

Palm oil Triglycerides are a specific fraction of coconut / palm oil fatty acids resulting in only the more stable, and skin loving, caprylic & capric fatty acids which creates a dry, silky oil form of esters

Caprylic Capric Triglycerides offers low viscosity and excellent oxidative stability, and anti-oxidant protection, with an unlimited shelf life.

Aloe– antiseptic, anti fungal, demulcent, astringent Aloe Vera gel is one of the most useful products to have. Aloe soothes, heals, deodorizes and cleans. It is long lasting.

Alkyl benzoate – An ester of benzoic acid. Mainly used as an emollient and thickening agent. Many cosmetic products contain this ingredient because it provides a light conditioning and silky after touch to the skin and hair. It’s also been shown to act as an antimicrobial agent and a preservative, particularly in products containing UV absorbers. You may find this ingredient in a variety of cosmetics such as sunscreen, facial moisturizer, anti-aging treatments, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, self tanner, eye cream, foundation and deodorant. It is safe to use.

Apple- An ingredient in face masks, this fruit is good for cleaning oily skin. Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Apricot– This oil works great in lotions and creams. The seeds ground up are good in exfoliates

Arnica oil – for its pain-relieving and health-promoting properties. It’s a wonderful addition to your alternative first aid kit. Used in our Ouch salve and spray. Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Arrowroot- This is the powdered root of a caribbean plant. A wonderful ingredient .

Avocado Oil- vitamins A & E, lecithin, protein, antioxidant The fatty, green flesh of this fruit moisturizes, tightens, heals, regenerates, soothes, renews and nourishes aging and damaged skin. Use the oil in lotions and creams. Long shelf life under normal conditions but does not do well until high heat. Low spf. Releases a nutty aroma under the sun. Created here from raw avocados.
Baking soda – Helps bring an acidic mixture to a balanced pH level. It also adds smooth texture to lotions and creams.

Bees WaxCosmetic Grade. allergy warning. Smells like honey. Used as an emulsifier. It thickens and solidifies health and beauty products of all kinds. Bees wax naturally helps seal moisture into the skin, while still allowing it to breathe, Also used in salves and candles.

Calendula– common marigold Contains salicylic acid. The fresh juice has been known to vanish warts. This flower soothes and heals. It is used in products for babies and people with sensitive skin. Expressed here and sold in essential oil category. Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Clay– Powdered rock containing zin

Castor oil– It comes from a shrub. Use to heal dry cracked skin while drawing moisture back in to the area and remove skin tags

Chamomile– Is used in lotions and creams to sooth irritated skin.   Distilled here and sold in essential oil category.Common tea leaves grown local used for a variety of fungal skin issues and skin maintenance.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Cinnamon– Distilled here and sold in essential oil category
Citric Acid Powder– vitamin C Natural preservative. A natural alpha hydroxy acid found in citrus fruits.

Cetrimonium chloride is used as a detangler in hair care products. … Insoluble solids may still be dissolved in liquid through Cetrimonium chloride. It forms emulsions by reducing the surface tension of various ingredients in a solution to make an even and perfect stable blend of ingredients.Mainly used to prevent static and build-up in the hair. It can also cleanse the skin/hair and eliminate odor by preventing the growth of microorganisms, and by enabling water to mix with dirt and rinse it away. It is a safe organic based earthy salt (The organic chloride salt of cetyltrimethylammonium.)

Citronella- An Indian grass with a lemony fragrance. It is used in creams, sprays and candles to repel insects.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Clay- Powdered rock containing zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, aluminum and silica. It draws out dirt, oil and toxins when used in a face mask And soaps
Cocoa Paste  Natural emollient. Mild, natural thickener with light, sweet fragrance.. Leaves a shiny look on skin. Promotes elasticity which prevents stretch marks. Can be used to enhance your tan but has no SPF (sun protection factor). Sold in bulk here

Coconut Oil– Wonderful moisturizing and healing powers. A saturated fat consisting primarily of medium chain fatty acids (MCTs), it is not easily oxidized and does not cause harmful free radical damage like polyunsaturated vegetable oils Relieves dry skin, wrinkles and improves the quality of aged skin. Coconut oil has an spf of 4

Comfrey- Contains allantoin which heals and regenerates. Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Cornstarch– Absorbs moisture. Use it in powders, skin-cleansing milk, milk baths and deodorants.Sold here

Dead Sea Salts are mineral-rich and contain high proportions of Potassium, Magnesium and Bromide. Potassium helps regulate the moisture level of the skin, Magnesium helps promote healing, and Bromide has a smoothing and relaxing effect. Dead Sea Salt exfoliates and revitalizes the skin and helps draw out toxins. Dead Sea Salt is well known for its ability to relieve aches and pains, reduce stiffness after exertion, relax the muscles and relieve skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. We sell this here.

The high mineral content of Dead Sea Salt stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. Increased circulation moves trapped fluid from joints, improving joint movement and reducing stiffness and pain. Regular use of salts promotes healthy skin by exfoliating and encouraging regeneration of new skin cells.

Elder Flowers – Elder blossoms have been used for centuries. This herb heals, whitens, softens and smoothes wrinkles of fair skin. Used with other ingredients in a mask it opens clogged pores. Repeatedly applying elderberry juice can help get rid of warts. Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Eucalyptus Oil– Anti microbial  Decongestant and expectorant for upper respiratory tract infections or inflammations. Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Emulsifying wax is sourced from naturally occurring fats and esters (usually from pal and coconut plant and or natural fruits like peaches,apples creating  fatty acid ester of sorbitan.Further processed into a convenient pastille flake form. Used to create really delicate creams and lotions that boast a lot of skin benefits.

Geranium Oil-from flowers astringent, haemostatic, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, diuretic, deodorant, styptic Powerful healing qualities for the skin. This oil is used to soothe dry skin, reduce cellulite through massage and help clear the complexions of those with naturally oily skin. It’s a natural preservative sold here.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Goat’s milk is a natural emollient that helps soothe and moisturize the skin. It contains vitamins A, B6, B12 and E. Goat’s milk has 3 times more beta-casein than cow’s milk. Caseins are easily absorbed into the skin and allow for quick hydration of dry skin. The content of triglycerides, capric, caprylic and caproic acid helps balance the skin’s natural pH and promotes natural exfoliation of dry skin.

Grape Seed Oil– Light, odorless oil derived from Italian grape seeds. Suitable for all skin types. Easily absorbed.

Green Tea- anti oxidant Studies have credibly demonstrated that topical green tea formulas reduce sun damage. Green tea seems to carry sun protection qualities by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than by blocking UV rays, very good when used in sun screen recipes. used in hand and heel creams and bath bombs

Honeyquat is natural honey that has been spray dried into a fine powder. It is then blended with maltodextrin to keep it free flowing. Honey powder is similar in texture to corn flour. Honey is said to be a natural antiseptic due to its tendency to absorb the life-sustaining moisture out of bacterial cell walls. As such, it is useful to include in healing salves and to use as a natural wound cover. Honey attracts the dirt from skin pores and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It, therefore, is said to be a natural skin cleanser and softener.

Jasmine– Sweet scent. Good in lotions and creams for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Popular Aroma.We buy plant material to process here at Organic Body Shop Factory

Jojoba oil- Small California plant. It’s a soft, waxy oil. Goes on smooth with no build up

Lavender- oil– antioxidant, emulsifier, emollient. Extracted lavender augustifolia Used in lotions and creams because it helps skin absorb moisture and hold onto it longer.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Lemon Balm– Leaves that sooth sensitive skin. The scent is relaxing and sedating. Relieves stress and insomnia. You can purchase a variety of top quality Lemon Balm products from an organic supplier online like organic body shop factory

Milk- Goats Milk Used in a variety of beauty products around the world. Contains lactic acid which is an alpha hydroxyl. It helps regenerate the skin and reduces the signs of aging. It is mild, soothing and moisturizing.

Milk Powder is a creamy, free-flowing powder that contains a minimum milk fat content of 26%. It is a nourishing addition to bath, bath bomb, milk soap and lotion formulations. Whole Milk Powder is a natural emollient that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It soothes and moisturizes the skin and helps soothe dryness and itchy skin.

Mint- Antibacterial Mint is a stimulator of the mind and body. It encourages circulation to the skin. It cleanses and freshens the air. Aides in arousal. Peppermint encourages dry skin to produce it’s own moisture. made and sold here at organic body shop factor
Myrrh- antiseptic, anti-microbial, antiphlogistic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, balsamic, carminative, cicatrisant, fungicidal, vulnerary Has a magical effect on skin. Myrrh powder helps fight diaper rash. Myrrh helps in preventing tissue degeneration and is useful in the healing of wounds. Balances hydration. Removes toxins. Heals dry, cracked areas of the skin. Myrrh is used for its rejuvenating properties on older- more mature skin.used in our Ouch salve first aid salve.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Nettle Extract- Joint pain..Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Oats- Exfoliates, cleanses, moisturizes and even fights ultraviolet radiation. Used in a variety of beauty products like face masks and moisture baths.

Olive Oil– Moisturizes and heals. Used in lotions, bath bombs,creams and hair treatments.

Phenoxetol – glycol ether often derived from natural sources, is a popular antibacterial and preservative.

Red Clover Blossoms– Treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin diseases. expressed here in an oil for use in our products.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil- “High in Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. It’s an anti-oxidant that contains 83% essential fatty acids. It has vitamin A and high levels of vitamin E, which plays an important role in skin repair and conditioning. Prevents rashes, eczema and other skin lesions. It is an emollient which is lubricating and conditioning and it creates a lipid barrier providing protection to the skin and provides moisture retention for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties are greater than those of better known oils. It may act as a broad-spectrum UV-A and UV-B shield. It has shown an SPF of between 28 and 50.”made and  Sold here

Rosehip Buds– High in linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, which encourage regeneration and repair of skin tissue. Pleasant fragrance Made here and used in our Ageless face care line, Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Rosehip Seed Oil– Amber colored oil from the ripened rosehip fruit. Extremely high in essential fatty acid. Used to treat scars and wrinkles. Helps dry and damaged skin heal and regenerate. fragrance Made here and used in our Ageless face care line.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Rosemary Orin Extract Oil or Orin Antiseptic, antioxidant. A natural preservative in creams and lotions. Natural preservative  Stimulates circulation. It boosts the skin’s oil production and improves circulation. Made here purchase here at organic body shop factory.Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Sandalwood- Aides in healing dry, swollen and chapped skin. Popular aroma. Used in many organic body shop factory products

extremely mild amino-acid surfactant, with high foamability. It can reach excellent synergistic effect when combined with other surfactants, meanwhile reduce irritation and improve foamability.

 SODIUM LAUROYL SARCOSINATE-Palm oil free natural derived in most foaming shampoo and mouthwash.                               Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate is derived from sarcosine, a natural amino acid found in the human body and just about every type of biological material from animals to plants. Honest’s sarcosine is made from coconut oil.

They may have the same initials (SLS), but sodium lauroyl sarcosinate and sodium lauryl sulfate are NOT the same thing. Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate is only similar to sodium lauryl sulfate in that they’re both surfactants, but that’s about where it ends. A comprehensive safety assessment published in the International Journal of Toxicology deemed that sodium lauroyl sarcosinate was not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful, and had no mutagenic, irritating, or sensitizing effects. It ranks a little low in EWG’s database because there are nitrosamine contamination concerns. Nitrosamines are a class of chemicals that are almost all carcinogenic, so this is a valid concern — but there’s no need to worry with our products. The sodium lauroyl sarcosinate raw ingredient we use has been continually tested for nitrosamines, which NO detectable amounts were found. Furthermore, we don’t use any ingredients that could interact with our sodium lauroyl sarcosinate to create nitrosamines. All in all, there’s nothing to worry about.

Sea Salt– we purchase Dead Sea Salts from Jordan Exfoliates and promotes circulation. Stimulate the skin’s natural repair process. Clears energy in aura. sold here in bulk

Seaweed- Kelp,bladder wrack. Used in anti-aging/wrinkle cream. Softens and rejuvenates your skin and helps it to hold moisture . Used in our Dead Sea face care line

Shea Butter– nut allergy warning. Solid at 70 degrees. Moisturizes and purifies troubled skin like eczema, psoriasis and even stretch marks. Soothes arthritis. Used in many of our products at organic body shop factory

Sunflower Seed Oil– Abundant in Oleic acids with high amounts of Vitamins A, D, and E plus- beneficial amounts of lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids. Treats dry, aged and damaged skin. Provides a protective barrier on the skin that resists infection. According to Wikipedia, infections decreased by 41% in infants that received a daily skin treatment of sunflower oil. used in our products . Bath bombs and baby line

Soapwort– Used mainly as a cleanser in face washes and baths, medicinally it can help heal acne and skin rashes and soothe sensitive skin. Soapwort contains saponins, which create the cleaning action

Strawberries – Grown and made here expressed into an aromatic oil used in products like our strawberry body butter cream  Perfect Exfoliate. Surprisingly moisturizing

Raw Sugar Also known as Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, our Organic Sugar is a fine grain sugar that serves as a beautiful and effective natural exfoliant for the face and body. Its light golden color lends a more natural look to sugar scrubs.

Sweet Almond Oil- nut allergy warning Emollient. Alleviates dry skin. Soothes inflammation. Relieves itching caused by eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Wonderful carrier oil. Helps heal damaged and aged skin. Used here in our products

Black Tea leaves–  It reverses sun damage. It heals, soothes and helps regenerate the skin. It slows the aging process. But all teas can be wonderful. There are many really great teas for antifungal and astringent properties.

Tea tree oil- Antiviral, antiseptic, anti fungal. Natural preservative. Smells woodsy and minty. Heals acne and foot conditions. Essential oil usage ratio- one to three drops per tablespoon oil mixture.

Vanilla– Sweet, soothing, relaxing and calming scent. Can cover up, or neutralize, unwanted fragrance from oils and herbs easily without being too strong.

Vitamin C- Antioxidant Natural preservative. Fights aging.

Vitamin E– Antioxidant Natural preservative. Heals sun and pollution damaged skin. Heals scars. Heals diaper rash.

Witch hazel- antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial This ingredient has been used for years for the superb astringent properties it has, cleaning the skin and shrinking pores – refining the skin’s texture. It stabilizes the barrier function of the skin, reduces inflammation and redness, calms the skin and reduces it’s water loss.Made here and us d in our face toners. Also grows on our property and is harvested by Organic Body Shop Factory staff.

Xanthan Gum- Skin conditioner. Emulsifier. Thickens and adds body to lotions and creams. A corn derivative. Not affected by temperature, salt, pH or enzymes.

essential oils grown here so check out our listing in the store.

I am sure we missed some but all bottles are labeled with ingredients.