Organic Body Shop Factory Store 705-728-8288 (Oro-Medonte)

We are a small family run business.

and we all have lots of years of experience.
  • Our Staff has a
  • Organic Chemist
  • Herbalist
  • and a Naturalist 
We love and use our own products and so do our family and friends.
We grow the plant and do our own essential oil extracts and plant ingredients
  • All chemical free
  • 400 Plant driven beauty products
  • one of a kind formula’s developed by an  Organic Chemist and President of the company.
  • Plant essential oils and extracts are created here on site in our factory.
  • Female owned and Operated .
Please let us know if we can help you with your next project.
The machines do most of the work.
  • We can fill 2,000 – 3,000  products a day and a minimum of  50 thousand units a month.
  • We offer private label. Wholesale and Retail.
  • We can do 100 unit runs to start. As you grow we can adjust your orders.
If you are interested in any of 400 organic products we produce please contact us.
  • We practice GMP Good Manufacturing practices
  • Each formula is developed on site scientifically produced formula and ingredients are measured by weight.
  • Ph balanced and viscosity tested for a consistent product.
 ingredients are eco certified organic from as many Canadian sources as possible.
  • we grow and distill as well as extract plant oil from our wildcrafted farm land.
  • We have 5 stage distilled water tanks to ensure excellent distilled water for each and every product created.
  • We are a farm association recognized plant producer. 
  • Lab conditions allow all products to be batched in stainless steel tanks or PVC tanks.
  • No minimum orders and a great discount to make sure you can re-sell and do well.
Private label with your name starts at 100 units per. each product and size.
plus a $60.00 art work set up charge per item

If you are looking for samples. Please purchase them here.

We no longer offer samples.


you can call at 705-728-8288
Or you can order our brand Organic at no minimums and get started today.
We are located in Barrie ontario
  • Always look for stores and consultants to sell our range of products
  • franchise kiosk or vendor opportunity available with right to our name and marketing material
For Fresh handmade results.
Thank you for your visit. We hope you will enjoy your products!


Dana Marie Panos

Organic Chemist

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