Private Label


  • we can put your label on our products.

  • minimum 100 of each product.

  • plus  $150.00 set-up label charge that includes your label.

  • Just to note all Private labels must state Manufacture-County -Postal Code of Manufacture.

    Example: made Made by Organic Body Shop Canada L4M 4Y8.

  • Misleading claims and exclusion of manufacture data on your label offense under Canadian Law . Fines are $2,000 per instance payable to the governing Canadian Agency. We strongly enforce this policy.

  • pricing includes a finished-ready to market product

  • labels are created by you or you can send us the logo and we will put it on our labels.

  • All private label products will have Made in Canada by Organic Body Shop L4M4Y8 on the label.

  • If you are looking for samples. Please purchase on our store

  • One of a kind exclusive scientific formula’s

  • A great way to build your own brand.

  • We have label printers here and can print in house.

  • We do not do custom formulations

  • Pick from our packaging

  • The alternative to Private label is carry our organic brand of products. Become a distributor.

  • All our personal care products –made here-with ingredients that are sustainable, natural, organic, biodegradable and/or fair trade as we choose these ingredients and also grow our own plants for our essential oils recognized as a OFA-Ontario Farmer

  • Label graphic and eco-printing services available.

  • Minimum order is 100 Units

  • So if it is soap for example it is 100 of product scent. taxes and shipping.

  • Contact us please  if you have other questions.

  • Please keep in mind our basic packaging keeps cost low.

  • We focus on quality ingredients and biodegradable packaging and labels.


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Organic Body Shop
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