Wholesale and Private White Label


We have case sizes and wholesale prices. Please contact us to add Organic Body Shop products to your store or online platform.

If you have clients looking for a product to help with dry hands, rashes, sensitive skin allergies, and a variety of other specialty needs.

We have a solution.

Help your clients and they will always come back for more.

Shop our extensive range of skin and hair products to increase your repeat sales.

Choose the item you think will work in your store and contact us for wholesale discount pricing.

We have been making concentrated premium quality products since 2005.

As a chemist and a herbalist all products have been scientifically developed and clinically tested.

Please send us a list of products and quantity you wish to purchase and we will get you whole price quote.

At this time we do not offer terms. We accept visa / MasterCard , Debit cards with the visa symbol on them and E-transfer. Orders ship 2 weeks after payment or sooner.

And I have only been using my products for the last 15 years – since 2005.

Natural ingredients -chemical free is the kindest thing you can do for your personal care. Love your hair, body and skin with Organic Body Shop-skincare

Thank you

Dana Marie Panos

Support local Canadian business.

We are simcoe county premier manufacture of skincare products.


The only private label we offer is on our products.

Sorry- No custom product development.

  • we can put your label on our products.

  • private label cost includes our all taxes-products-stock packaging-shipping package and your label design.
  • complete product to your door-no added cost. 
  • minimum 100 of each product.

  • plus  $150.00 set-up label charge that includes your label.

  • pricing includes a finished-ready to market product

  • labels are created by you or you can send us the logo and we will put it on our labels.

  • You can send us your labels. We will apply them-no charge
  • All private label products will have Made in Canada L4M4Y8 on the label.

  • If you are looking for samples. Please purchase on our store

  • One of a kind exclusive scientific formula’s

  • A great way to build your own brand. 

  • We have label printers here and can print in house.

  • We do not do custom formulations (we do not do your formula or develop any new formula’s) Only existing products are available for private label.

  • Pick from our packaging

  • The alternative to Private label is carry our organic brand of products. Become a distributor.

  • All our personal care products –made here-with ingredients that are sustainable, natural, organic, biodegradable and/or fair trade as we choose these ingredients and also grow our own plants for our essential oils recognized as a OFA-Ontario Farmer

  • Label graphic and eco-printing services available.

  • Minimum order is 100 Units

  • So if it is soap for example it is 100 of each product. taxes and shipping.

  • Contact us please  if you have other questions.

  • Please keep in mind our basic packaging keeps cost low.

  • We focus on quality ingredients and biodegradable ingredients with a natural preservative that gives products a 2 year shelf life. packaging and labels are recycled. Just put it in the bin.

  • Just to note all Private labels must state Manufacture-County -Postal Code of Manufacture.

  • Example: Made in Canada L4M 4Y8.

  • Misleading claims and exclusion of manufacture data on your label offense under Canadian Law . Fines are $2,000 per instance payable to the governing Canadian Agency. We strongly enforce this policy.

  • And if you are buying and repackaging . You must put the manufacture.
  • If you alter organic body shop products- you must notify health Canada. You are not suppose to sell a product that is not approved.
  • We have overhead, staff, cost of materials and employees that all try to follow Canadian guidelines and rules.
  • All ingredients combinations on our site is intellectual property and is not to be coped or recreated in any form.
  • All product names are intellectual property of Organic Body Shop.