Private Label

  • call to get your vendor code or send us a email with all your business information,shipping address and phone number to
  • If you are looking for samples. Please purchase on our store
  • One of a kind exclusive formula’s

We no longer offer samples. So purchase here on this site the product you wish to test.

We also have wholesale cases on the site for sale at a 30% discount.

Choose any current product we manufacture and put your name on it.

Create and design your own label and send it to us or we can add your name to our current label.

A great way to build your own brand.

We have label printers here and can print in house.

We do not do custom formulations

If you want your own packaging send it too us.

Contract Manufacturing


Contract/ Custom Eco-Manufacturing is best for businesses that have several outlets and/ or want to have their own unique brand in regional, national or international distribution.

Customise starting bases from any of our stock formulations, or start completely from scratch – we can make your vision for your market.

Custom formulations of any personal care products – as long as it is sustainable, natural, organic, biodegradable and/or fair trade as we choose these ingredients and also grow our own.

Label graphic and eco-printing services available.

International unique bar codes service upon request.

Minimum order is 100 Units

So if it is soaps for example it is 100 of each scent. taxes and shipping.

Contact us please  if you have other questions.

Please keep in mind our basic packaging keeps cost low.

We focus on quality ingredients and biodegradable packaging and labels.

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