Essential Oils Canadian

Essential Oils
Grown and Harvested at our factory
All oils are chemical free and certified organic
We use over 200% plant material as it is compressed to get pure oil.
We have developed a combination extraction method. Because we wanted all plant properties and benefits to transfer into our oils so they are very pure. We age oils 3-6 month. never exposing plant above boiling to keep all the plant properties intact. Alcohol free processing.

Combination process of Maceration & Enfluerage

Enfleurage is a very old technique of extracting the aromatic oils from flowers that was popularized in France during the 19th century. We use coconut paste oil for this. 
Macerated oils are also referred to as infused oils.Even tough in some cases they are more pure than essential oils and retail more of the plants core naturally occurring chemicals. Most aromatherapist prefer this method. .

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