Ageless Rosehip Face Serum





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Ageless Rose Face Serum

Facial oil for hydrating, rejuvenating, and balancing the natural oils of the skin.

Agelessoil serum reduces fine lines and firms skin.

Scent: Rose aroma is a light to med arom from natural essential oils.

Rosehip oil contains high levels of provitamin A and C, which restore skin elasticity and collagen and reduce skin sag and tighten. Other multi ingredient benefits help plum and even skin tone on both face and neck.

Apply your universal age-defying serum in the morning and/or evening before your daily skincare routine:

To use:

apply a few drops at a time from pipette of serum to your faceand neck . You can then apply your day or night cream.

Johoba oil, Borage oil,Q10,Rosehip,lilac and Rose oil, primrose oil,rosea damascus oil

Paraben Free.Chemical .Free Natural Skin Care

Ph Balance-created scientifically by our chemist.

Exclusive formula. #Organic Body Shop







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