Atmosphere unscented shampoo 250ml


Atmosphere unscented shampoo 250ml



Atmosphere shampoo

unscented Plant Protein Rejuvenation for Your Hair and Skin B5 and D panthenol is a moisturizing,strengthening and protecting protein
Vegetable glycerin and Pro Vitamin B5 or D-Panthenol has been used for years in hair care products because it functions as a Humectant that increases the water content of hair and improves its elasticity. Clean and moisturizing foam. Sulfate and Paraben free.
All Products are concentrated so a little goes a long way. 
All ingredients are certified organic, biodegradable, sustainable ,cruelty free
ingredients: Distilled Water. Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate. natural(coconut) Betaine. Glycerin, D-Panthenol (vitamin B5).Silk amino acid,Rosemary Orin.

Made in Canada

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