Coal Tar shampoo 3% for psoriasis, eczema and scalp relief





Coal tar shampoo

Coal tar cleansing products are for skin and scalp psorisis and help in preventing the spread.

We recommend other Tea tree products before using Coal Tar.

Coal Tar is a age old remedy but is a petroleum by-product and a has been linked to some cancer causing studies. Use only when needed.

Use this as a last resort if nothing else has worked,

The base ingredients are natural with added coal tar.

Coal tar is derived from gas production and is a considered a carcinogen (a chemical that may cause cancer).

Our Tea tree shampoo first is may recommendation.

Coal tar therapy has been used for well over a century in dermatology.
Coal Tar shampoo 3% for psoriasis,eczema and scalp relief

It is a topical treatment mostly used for acute scalp psoriasis.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in chronic plaque psoriasis; it also has anti scaling properties.

We add glycerin and B5 to help keep your hair also in good health while helping to cure and prevent the skin rash.

PH Balanced

ingredients: LS30 (earth mineral) , Natural Betaine, Vegetable Glycerin, Coal Tar extract,Rosemary Orin,Sea Salt.





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