Dead Sea.Epsom.Lemon Grass Bath Salts 19kg




Soak 20 minutes
helps with
Fluid retention
relaxes muscles
Increase circulation
Lymphatic balance
Sore stiff joints
Re-mineralize skin
Calcium absorption

Lemon Grass is a natural antifungal. So it helps fight infections- In a glass canning jar. 

 Dead Sea Bath Salts. An all natural bath salt to detoxify and stimulate your mind, soothe your body and maintain healthy skin. … 

Dead Sea salts contain 21 minerals and are high in magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides and provide dermatological benefits.

Detoxify and ease sore muscles in a warm bath of pure Epsom and Dead sea salts blended with natural essential oils. Bathing with bath salts is healing for the mind and body as the salts draw out impurities and supply the body with beneficial minerals.


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1000ml(32oz)Refill, 250ml(8oz)


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