Epsom salt. Magnesium Sulfate 32oz


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Epsom salt 32oz


Fine grain

USP grade

Pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts. Natural emollient, exfoliation and detoxification.

Epsom Salt, having a typical content of 47% Magnesium Sulfate, is an odorless, white granular substance.

Epsom salt is easily dissolved with warm water and may yield a variety of benefits attributed to its magnesium content.

This natural compound is widely used in sports and holistic medicine practices and throughout the cosmetic and personal care industries. The most common application appears to be for muscle soreness and relaxation by way of taking an Epsom salt bath. In addition to Epsom baths, this material is found in several hair and skin beauty products to yield exfoliating or volumizing properties. Consumers may take Magnesium Sulfate orally for a range of effects as well, but caution is advised.

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