Eucalyptus Shower Melts. Shower aromatherapy.. No tax.




Eucalyptus Shower Melts.

Shower aromatherapy.. No tax.

Think of it as a natural shower bomb creating a fresh aroma throughout your shower

adding the eucalyptus essential oil for clearing your mind and as a morning refresher for your


Just unwrap and set the shower melt on the corner out of direct water. The more water hits it the faster it melts. So you want to let the shower steam do the melting so it last longer.

It is a little messy while melting but made of all natural -non staining ingredients.

simply wash it down the drain. when you get a little in the shower stall.

Eucalyptus oil has mind clearing benefits and clears the sinuses in the morning.

Great way to feel even better after a shower.

Contains: sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) aluminum free-of coarse.

citric acid, witch hazel and eucalyptus essential oil.

Buy one or 5 at a time.

Cruelty and vegan all natural with certified organic essential oils.

All ingredients are sustainable and biodegradable.

each one last about a week depending on shower and location.

all plastic and packaging is completely recyclable so put it in your recycle bin when done please.

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