German Chamomile Essential oil . No Tax




German Chamomile Essential oil 

No Chemical or alcohols

Parts of plants used: Flowers
Suggested Uses .2 % -4% in lotions and liquids.
Can be used in diffuses-bath and jet tubs.

Extraction Plant concentration :over 200% pure plant.

We have developed a combination extraction method. Because we wanted all plant properties and benefits to transfer into our oils so they are very pure.We age oils 3-6 month. never exposing plant above boiling to keep all the plant properties in tact.Alcohol free processing.

No added tax. Canadian grown
German Chamomile is a very light aroma (unless it is chemically developed) 

Topical uses for perfume, in bath and in oil diffuser. 

So the aroma is more natural without any chemical undertones.

Once use on skin ,diffuser or candles the warmth of the body opens the oils more for a greater aromatherapy experience.So you end up with full benefits of plant with all minerals and vitamins naturally occurring intact and not destroyed by excessive heat that can happen during seam distilling as the water has to boil to steam the plant. Basically these are hand pressed and extracted

Chamomile Oil Use in Aromatherapy

chamomile essential oil is useful in the treatment of toothache, back pain, depression, insomnia, menstrual problems, skin care, insect bites, babies’ teething, headaches and stress.  It is analgesic, antiseptic,  bactericidal, a tonic and a nerve sedative.Use at own risk. Oils made for external use only

Chamomile essential oil is well known for its calming and balancing effects on the body’s systems.

we grow German chamomile essential oil is used to treat arthritis, skin irritation, headaches, indigestion, depression, anxiety, menstrual problems and digestive problems.  It is anti-inflammatory, calming, digestive and a nerve sedative.  

Major chemical compounds present within chamomile include apigenin and alpha-bisabolol. Other compounds in chamomile include: sesquiterpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids, coumarins such as herniarin and umbelliferone, phenylpropanoids such as chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid, flavones such as apigenin and luteolin, flavanols such as quercetin and rutin, and polyacetylenes. Apigenin has demonstrated chemopreventive effects against cancer cells in the laboratory, and alpha-bisabolol has been shown to have antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and reduces pepsin secretion without altering secretion of stomach acid    courtesy of Wikipedia

ingredients Chamomile from flower and stems.

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