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Patchouli essential oil soap Bar
The soap you use when your shower not only affects your skin, it also affects your mood.
These are created for the skin benefits and the natural oil benefits.
Enjoy the aroma of pure essential oils in your bathing routine.
Hand crafted soap
Made here in our factory.
  1. natural patchouli soap has also been positively linked to improvement of several skin disorder
  2. Patchouli can be  used to treat athlete’s foot and jock itch, and skin allergies.
  3. Gentle on your skin with other specialized products. …
  4. A Wonderful Scent.
  5. Glycerin and patchouli essential oil.
  6. Patchouli in not native to Canada so we import this essential oil – it adds a little more to our cost-but it is worth it.


• Glycerin • Aqua • Sodium Palmate • Sodium Cocoate • Sorbitol • Palm Acid • Coconut Acid

• Pentasodium Pentetate • Tetrasodium Etidronate •Sunflower oil • Patchouli essential oil





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