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Patchouli essential oil soap Bar
  • The soap you use when your shower not only affects your skin, it also affects your mood.
  • These are created for the skin benefits and the natural oil benefits.
  • Enjoy the aroma of pure essential oils in your bathing routine.
  • Hand crafted soap
  • Made here in our factory.
  • natural patchouli soap has also been positively linked to improvement of several skin disorder
  • Patchouli can be  used to treat athlete’s foot and jock itch, and skin allergies.
  • Gentle on your skin with other specialized products. …
  • A Wonderful Scent.
  • Glycerin and patchouli essential oil.
  • Patchouli in not native to Canada so we import this essential oil – it adds a little more to our cost-but it is worth it.
    • These bars are translucent (meaning you can see through them) and come in a variety of colors and fragrances.
    • Moisturizing Aid
    • Glycerin soap helps the skin absorb the moisture in the air, causing it to stay softer.
    • Cost
      Using this soap as a beauty bar costs significantly less than buying name-because they last twice as long. 
    • Sensitive Skin
      People with sensitive skin find that glycerin is gentle on their complexion.
    • Dissolves Easily
      This soap quickly dissolves in water, making it easy to wash off. It doesn’t leave behind a film like heavier soaps do.
    • Skin Disorders
      Those who suffer from such skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, can help relieve symptoms by washing with glycerin.
  • Skin cleanser for all ages.
    Because it’s gentle on the skin, glycerin soap can be used by people of all ages.

Each soap bar is wrapped in protective hygienic packaging. 

All bars are SLS free

All natural sustainable ingredients. 

No animal testing. Paraben Free. Recyclable plastics. Biodegradable packaging. PH balance. Crafted by a chemist.

All products are naturally preserved and have a 2 year shelf life. 

Made by Organic Body in Ontario Canada 

All product names and ingredient combinations are proprietary and intellectual property of Organic Body Shop

packaging may be different from photo.

• Glycerin • Aqua • Sodium Palmate • Sodium Cocoate • Sorbitol • Palm Acid • Coconut Acid

• Pentasodium Pentetate • Tetrasodium Etidronate •Sunflower oil • Patchouli essential oil





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