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Peony flower essential oil 

Peony flower essential oil 1oz 30ml
A few drops will do!
this smells so amazing.
Peony has a complex chemical composition, consisting of natural
flavanoids, saponins, tannins, starch, organic acids, nickel, calcium, iron, resins.
Peony has strong sedative, calming and anti-convulsive properties.
It is often used for neurological disorders, strained nervous conditions or nightmares, and high blood pressure.
Peony contains an antibacterial compound, paeonol, which makes it a valuable anti-inflammation and anti-fungal ingredient for treating wounds, skin irritations and inflammations.
Skincare Benefits
Peony activates the natural defense mechanisms of skin, tonifying and firming the epidermis.
The extract of petals has a regenerative, softening, moisturizing, firming, anti-inflammation effect.
The roots of peony contain the chemical compound paeoniflorin which has strong anti-oxidant properties.
The extract is often used as an ingredient for tonifying and skin-soothing lotions, toners skin and conditioners for hair.
Bathing with peony extract can help to calm down and soothe the nerves.
Use in diffusers as a chemical free Aroma
,If you are a home craftier -add to  soap and crafting projects
This is a essential oil-is chemical free as all our oils are..
we use expression to create the extract process as an family ancestral tradition
Dilute with a carrier oil to use on skin.
The difference is simple ..
natural essential oils smell lighter than chemical scents but once added to skin or bath, the warmth opens them up for the full aromatherapy benefits.
Parts of plant Used : Flowers
Extraction: Enfluerage and Maceration.



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1000ml(32oz)Refill, 1oz 30ml, 4oz 120ml


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