Soy Candle Stress Buster 125ml




Soy Candle Stress Buster

Lavender & Rosemary Aromatherapy 125ml 4oz

20 Hr.Burn

Re-sealable candles with 100% Soy and Essential Oil.

Clinical research shows using aromatherapy can change your mood and lower stress levels.

Try theses. They are all amazing.

PH balanced

Chemical Free like all our products**

Natural farm oils grown by Organic Body Shop and harvested on site.-used in most of our products

Made in Barrie Ontario Canada

Exclusive Scientific Formula of Organic Body Shop Factory.

All Paraben free

No Animal Testing

Vegan ingredients -except beeswax may be in some products-read the ingredients to check you have no natural allergies.

contains all natural ingredients





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