Vanilla Oatmeal Butter Soap Bar


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Vanilla Oat Soap Bar.

We call these butter bars and they are a old fashioned cold pressed lye soap. Lye is nessecary to make the soap bar. It is neutralized in the process. We use achient reciepe’s that work well.

We use a luxury blend of Coconut oil, Olive oil and Palm oil plus essential oils.

Creating a wonderful aroma.

  • Soft foamy Lather.
  • added oatmeal for soft skin.
  • The combination of butter is skin hydrating.
  • Leaves a fresh clean feeling all over.
  • Rinses clean.
  • We make our butter soap completely from scratch, using raw ingredients and recipes we created.
  • Hand made in Ontario by Organic.
  • Hand cut so bars can vary a bit.
  • About 3oz 90ml


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