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We make hundreds of products and appreciate all the feedback and loyal customers.


We are farmers so we grow our plants and herbs and wild craft on the 5 acres behind the shop.

From those plants we create essential oils and ingredients to share with you in our products.

Part of the Ontario Federation of Farmers OFA member.

All products paraben free. no animal testing. chemical free and HAND MADE



What is a Paraben- A formaldehyde based perservative EXAMPLE is PROPYLPARABEN, METHYLPARABEN,  DMDM Hydentoin and cost about $3.00 a Liter of company to use to keep mold out of their products. Problem is Formaldehyde is mostly used for dead tissue preservation and we are still alive. Just look them up on line to see what they do to us and our tissue.

What do we use -a wide range Eco friendly (no paraben) Rosemary based perservative to enhance our product shelf life to 2 years. Biodegradable and safe for all skin contact. Difference in price . Our perservative is 30.00 a liter and not 3.00 and we have to buy 25lt at a time. We care and we want it safe for all families including mine! 

Labels are biodegradable, packaging is all recyclable and we recycle on the farm here.All shipping bottle and bags are fully biodegradable and you can put them in your recycle bin.

We are as green a manufacture as possible, we put recycling out every week. Buy biodegradable earth friendly bottles and packaging.

Also we apologize for any spelling error as with over 300 hours in building this site we were rushing to get it up and running, so you could go shopping….

We will get it fixed in time. Hope you all understand..were doing the best we can to keep you all happy.

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