Wholesale Inquiries


We want to thank you for stopping by.

If you are interested in carrying Organic Body Shop Natural Skincare and that share similar green values and philosophies.

Tell us a little about yourself and your plans for selling Organic Body Shop Natural Skincare Products.

We are thrilled you are looking to expand you products to help your customers find a natural skincare line that makes you both happy.

With such a huge range of Canadian Skincare and Natural Remedies I am sure you will find the right fit for your store.

Brand of Natural Skincare.

Since 2005 we have been creating awesome products. Manufacture in Canada . Health Canada Registered.

Recognized by Made in Ontario. Made in Canada. We are a Canadian registered Corporation. We will be with you every step of the way.

We have options for different industries. Each industry uses a different selection of our products so you do not need to worry about competing. We will not open 2 distributors in the same area. We understand the time to launch and develop a customer base and want to work with you.

We have exclusive and semi exclusive contact available on request.

We have catalogs and Larger wholesale Deal sheets.

We pay for advertising on Radio and Tv so it is beneficial to have our products.

Clients can order on our online store and pick up at your store and you will get paid on the sale.

A few things to think of.

First decide what kind of volume or dollar amount you want to spend.

We have 2 options

1- Smaller wholesale – Boutique and Online store-The minimum order is $250.00 please email us for a discount code. Most orders are shipped by courier and avaiable for curbside pick up.

2- Larger wholesale -Min. Order $1500.00. please create a account for approval. Once approved you will get the maximum available discount. Be eligible for deal sheets as well as catalogs. And some exclusivity. Most larger order are shipped in skids. You can also send your truck to pick up.

I know you have questions. Here are some answers.

How long to ship once I pay for my order? – Shipping is in about 2 weeks on average even on skid quantities. Please allow for shipping time.

How do I do returns? Once you pay to ship items back to us -we will refund you the value of the product.

How are orders shipped. Depending on the size of the order -we will ship by courier or transport truck. Some items get shipped by Canada Post.

Do I pay upfront? At this time we only accept credit card and E-transfers.

Upon approval of your application, we will be happy to direct you to our wholesale platform to make ordering our handcrafted products easy and efficient.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

Fill out the below form. Please include your phone number.