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A few facts

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We want to thank you for having a look at our natural Organic products.

Since 2005 we have been a skincare factory. Over 400 products to choose from. All clinically tested. Chemist developed. proven effective since the beginning. You are going to love the skin you are in with Organic brand products.

We have natural ingredients. Sustainability sourced. Vegan products. All packaging is Recyclable. put it in the recycle bin.

We hire and support local.

All products made in Ontario at our Barrie factory outlet country store.

Buying skincare from Organic Body Apothecary supports the Canadian Made economy-Local families and our farming community.

We farm some of our own essential oils like Rose, Lilac. Peppermint, peony, chamomile to name a few. We use these oils in our products . Offering a unique exclusive product . Organic brand products.

Registered health Canada products.

Advice on using our professional concentrated products.

A drop goes a long way. From shampoo to lotion – start with a pea size.

The bubble in foaming products is larger. Everything rises clean. Lotions absorbs beautifully. Septic safe ingredients.

A lot of research and labor goes into each handcrafted small batch we craft.

Scientific exclusive formula and ingredient combinations proprietary to Organic Body Shop apothecary.

Most of our essential oils, plant oils are grown here on our 5 acres and harvested and processed on site at Organic Body Shop –Barrie Ontario Canada

All products are manufactured in Barrie Ontario Canada by Organic Body Shop and are our exclusive intellectual property.

We practice GMP –good manufacturing practices in our lab. Ph balancing and Viscosity testing along with other GMP procedures in place for each and every batch.

Organic Body shop is a registered member with Agricorp Canada

Organic Body shop is a registered  Ontario Corporation listed in the Manufacturing sector -toiletries and personal care.

Wholesale inquiry

We advertise on radio and tv so since 2005 we have repeat customers who are looking to shop local in your area.

Our current facility is a remote factory farm county store so customers want to shop with you. We will refer them. Allow you access for in store pick up at your location.

Through our current website.

Do you Want to get into selling our skincare without the huge set up cost.

Looking to add our products to your location.

If yes?

We have a private wholesale site. Exclusive to wholesale only. Please contact us to set your account up.

Call 1-866-818-5164


We want to speak to any new retail partners .

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