Why Buy Canadian?

A few facts

We want to thank you for having a look at our natural skincare lines.

Buying skincare from Organic Body Shop  supports the Canadian Made economy-Local  families and our farming community.

We have a actual shop (bricks and mortar) location and a online store.

We stand behind every Organic brand Product we make here at Organic Body Shop.-any issues please let us know. And we will find a resolution.

Our Natural Canadian line is completely different from most products you have been using. Created by a chemist with farm essential oils

About Organic Brand products

Here’s Why.

All our products-especially shampoo’s, liquid soaps  and body wash perform different but have the same clean and added natural ingredient benefits.

The bubble in foaming products is larger.

So it feels different die to the biodegradable ingredients we use to create these. 

And the natural essential oils in each product we manufacture.

All products are professional grade -Concentrated (just use a drop-you can always add more) so a little goes a long way.

All products are created by the Organic Body Shop Staff Chemist.

All product filled and bottles on site at Organic Body Shop by our team.

A lot of love and labor goes into each handcrafted small batch we craft.

All ingredients are sustainable and biodegradable.

No animal testing or animal tested ingredients –as we hand pick any ingredient s we purchase for our exclusive formulas.

All plastic we purchase are biodegradable and you can add them to your recycle bin.

Scientific exclusive formula of Organic Body Shop

Made with Natural and Ontario Farm grown oils grown and harvested by  Organic Body Shop office in Barrie Ontario Canada

Paraben Free ( no synthetic cancer causing chemicals as listed by the CIDA and FDA

Most of our essential oils, plant oils are grown here on our 5 acres and harvested and processed on site at Organic Body Shop –Barrie Ontario Canada

All products are manufactured in Barrie Ontario Canada by Organic Body Shop and are our exclusive intellectual property.

We practice GMP –good manufacturing practices in our lab. Ph balancing and Viscosity testing along with other GMP procedures in place for each and every batch.

Organic Body shop is a registered member with Agricorp Canada

And a Farm member of Ontario Farmers Association.

Recognized as a flower and herb farmer. (this is where our essential oils come from)

Organic Body shop is a registered  Ontario Corporation listed in the Manufacturing sector -toiletries and personal care.

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If yes?

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