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Organic essential oil products. We only scent with essential oil aroma's that last about 20 minutes on skin then disperse naturally. No Chemicals, artificial fragrance that last all day ,or paraben often linked to cancer. Choose Organic
Product categories
Recover Faster with Farmacy Products that heal and manage skin conditions like eczema naturally.Help relieve pain, Hair Loss,dandruff. Find help and Relief with Organic
remedy healing products
Tired of buying 7 face cream’s for one purpose. Try our Organic multi-ingredient creams’s to see results naturally. Teaching skin to heal and generate natural cell renewal. Fresh face results instantly. . Find your’s now!
Handmade since 2005
Looking for more shine. Have a itchy scalp or thinning hair? We have Organic Hair Care for all hair types. Leave in spray, shampoo bar, styling an more. Instant results after the first wash.
Family fun with bath bombs, body wash, lotions,body butters, candles,soap bars, room sprays and gifts! Enjoy hundreds of luxury products. Aromatherapy by scent. All made here at Organic.
Essential Oil lines for you!
For all the men. Chopper body wash,shave cream.face care, shampoo’s, deoderant, beard and moustach. Organic product for men to love.
Organic Men's Line
Treat yourself to the best Spa products. Natural foot balm, cracked heel cream, salt soak and scrubs plus soy treatment wax. Professional Organic Spa therapy.
Emotional healing with Essential oils. Naturally processed oils from grown in ontario plants. We use essential oil aromatherapy in our Organic Brand products.
Organic Baby. Chemical free healing products. Enjoy concentrated products. Wash, oil, zinc cream,lotion, and eczema cream.
Need help with sleep. We have Tea, bath salts,linen spray +Organic lavender products
Sleep 7 Herb Tea
Looking to sell and partner with Organic? We would love to hear from you. We advertise on radio and promote your location from facebook . Since 2005 cusotmers have been buying Organic. Join the organic movement. Your first order is though a email or phone call. We will set you up to buy online once verified. NHP ,Health canada registared. CHFA member.
Why Choose Us Rewards+Free shipping** *Free Shipping in Canada in orders over $100 -We always have inventory to make products so order away.Loyalty Rewards. Create a account and checkout with your account for Loyalty Rewards. Get Real money back on every dollar .FREE sample gift with every order. Shop + Support Local Organic. Handmade. In Ontario. -Recycle all packages.-Biodegradable+sustainable ingredients. Click here to set up your account.
Today’s skin care is about tomorrow’s journey. With your skin being your body’s largest organ and the one that absorbs all we put on it and including parabens that are synthetic ingredients -fragrance oils and perfumes all clinically proven as carcinogens (cancer causing or linked to cancer ingredients). Organic brand for better skin based on better science. Handmade by Dana since 2005.Chemist + founder
we stand behind every product we make.
Thank you for buying Organic! From Dana - Founder and Chemist since 2005

Our History: With a painful case of eczema in 2005. Organic Body shop was founded by Dana -a retired hairdresser. A Chemist and Herbalist with a love of natural ingredients. I created hundreds unique and daily products to help you and your loves one to heal and nourish all parts of the human body. Recycle all the plastic bottles with degradable+sustainable ingredients. Chemical free and kind to you and the environment. Organic products to Love made here at our factory store.

Handmade Here!

Products to Love
-Multi-ingredient products for maximum results
-Handmade since 2005
-concentrated quality. So a little drop goes a long way.
-Hundreds of products to choose from and enjoy.
-Manufactured + Handmade here 100% in Oro Medonte On. Canada .
-Our factory outlet store is Located 10 minutes north of Barrie at 951 Hwy 93
-Family Female owned small business.

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